“Every day, For 25 years, I Witnessed My Mum Make Breakfast For My Dad Before He Goes To Work And That Always Makes Me Smile”-Lady Says

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Given how hard it is to keep a relationship going without any issues, it is quite an achievement when a couple is able to keep their relationship going for as long as 25 years and over with the women continuously making the man breakfast for all these years before he leaves for work.

This came to light when their daughter, apparently happy at the way her parents’ relationship is going, decided to share the story of how she admired her mother making breakfast every day to ensure her dad doesn’t have to send for breakfast at work.

According to the said lady, even on days when they have their petty quarrels, the wife still finds a way of making sure he has his breakfast before leaving, recalling one of those days when her mother secretly asked her to do it for the dad as she got angry over one of such quarrels.

The lady said she was sharing the story of her parents’ love story to inspire people to know that love exists and it is important to take care of someone that you love.

“In 25 years of marriage, my mom has waken up every day to make breakfast for my dad before he goes to work. Even on days she doesn’t like him very much,” she wrote.

“One day I recall she was so upset at my dad that she vowed she wouldn’t do anything for him. The next morning, while my dad was getting dressed for work, she called me into her room and quietly whispered “Can you make sure he has breakfast please” I couldn’t help but smile,” she added.


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