“Every Girl Treats Her Rich Boyfriend As A “God” But The Alphabets Get Reversed When He Goes Broke”-Netizen Claims

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My name is David, and i write with you in mind.

Every girl likes to have a rich boyfriend. There are very few that do not want rich boyfriends, if there any at all, and they hold them in high esteem and give them the best treatment possible in every aspect.

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The good treatment some boyfriends get from their girlfriends is by virtue of the fact that they are rich, otherwise, they are some piece of shit, according to an insinuation by a netizen.

According to the Netizen by name Abrantie on Twitter, girls treat their boyfriends like “God” when they are rich but they quickly reverse the alphabets in “God” to “dog”.

And this happens when you go broke and are no longer able to keep up with their numerous needs including their bone straight hair, nail fixing, the luxury rides and many more that they will be denied of by your sudden brokenness.

“In a relationship, every girl treats her rich boyfriend as “God”, but when he’s Broke, the alphabets get Reversed,” he said.

This thought by Abrantie is not totally out of place as many ladies have left their boyfriends when they begin to struggle financially, and those that decide to stay, often give their broke boyfriends some hell of a time.

However, there are those that admonished Abrantie to limit it to some women as they claim it is not all of them that are actually like that.

Below is what abrantie posted on Twitter;

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