Everyone Admires Beautiful Things, I Only Expose Parts Of My Body For The Stage But Won’t Go To The Extreme–Wendy Shay

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Ghanaian artiste Wendy Shay is of the opinion that, anyone should dress to match the kind of job they do. For instance, a doctor cannot dress like a welder to work, so it makes perfect sense that as a musician, when its time to go on stage to perform, you dress like what the work demands.

According to the new artiste on RuffTown Records, she dresses to match the kind of performance required for the kind of music she does. She believes everyone admires beautiful things and that is what she exhibits when she mounts the stage each time.

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She made these revelations in her interview with Accra100.5FM with Bismark Boachie on his Entertainment Capital show.

“It all comes in a package, everyone admires something beautiful but I didn’t say we should be exposing our bodies. I didn’t say when you expose your body that’s fine, like going extreme,” 


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She continued: “If you have a nice body you can wear something that can bring that beauty out to entertain the audience, that is the job”.

According to her, a nurse “wears her uniform so that one can identify that this person is a nurse. If you are an actor or singer you are an entertainer and you have to entertain your audience. For me, I call it an act it’s just an act”.

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Even though some critics have questioned her outfit and style of music, she insisted that “if Mzvee or I, dress to the stage with things that bring out my body because of my figure I don’t see anything wrong with it”.

She, however, indicated that she does not wear revealing clothes when she is not performing to an audience at shows.

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“I won’t dress like that to the market, it is just for the stage,” she clarified.


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