‘Everyone is going through hard times, sack teachers if the unions insist on strike’ – Labour consultant Boakye Yiadom urges gov’t

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Boakye Yiadom, a labour consultant, has advised the government to consider dismissing teachers if their unions refuse to listen to reason during negotiations to end the strike.

Over the non-payment of a 20 percent Cost of Living (COLA) subsidy, four teacher unions in Ghana are now on strike.

When the Unions’ leaders met the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations on July 6, 2022, the discussion ended with no agreement on a path ahead.

Teachers’ strike in Ghana’s pre-tertiary public schools has caused anxiety, according to Labour Consultant Boakye Yiadom, who spoke to Asaase Radio.

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He claimed that if he had his way, he would fire any teachers who refused to accept a 20 percent cut in the cost of living allowance, given the current state of the country.

“There is a set procedure for negotiations. It’s important to keep in mind that your institution’s strength comes from its budget, which is done on a yearly basis. As for my stance, I’ll say that we should have a discussion about these concerns in 2022, when you believe that we may take inflation into account when determining your pay.

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“If the unions demand, and if I sit in that position as the discussion’s chairman, I will be looking for a mass firing,” said the chairman. “For me.” Because you can’t fool the entire country into believing something that isn’t true. Boakye Yiadom stated that “everyone is going through hard times.

The teachers’ unions nationwide indefinite strike began on July 4, 2022, with a nationwide declaration.

Members of the Union’s top leadership met with officials from the Ministry of Employment and Labour Relations on Wednesday and promised to hold more discussions, but they also made it clear that the walkout would continue until their demands were addressed.

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