“Everything That Money Can Buy Has No Value”, Senator Dino Melaye

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Money is certainly a very good thing to have, something everyone would go at length to acquire.

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Dino Melaye

In today’s world, the value of an item is measured by the amount of money that goes into acquiring it, so it seems.

Just see an iPhone and how much money one has to part with just to get it and that’s why people consider the iPhone to be a very valuable mobile phone brand out there, and same is true for many other things out there.

But in the view of Nigerian politician and former Senator, Dino Melaye, anything that money can buy is of no value at all, he reckons.

According to him, there are better things out there that money cannot buy and those are the things that an individual has to strive to acquire.

He listed, amongst others, integrity, honesty, Good Character, Principle as the things money cannot buy and so those are the most valuable things and not those money can buy.

Dino Melaye is not in any way, I think, insinuating that one should not look for money, but it is important to strive to acquire some of these traits that money cannot buy.

Dino wrote; “Everything money can buy has no value. Strive for values that money can’t buy….integrity, honesty. Good Character, Principle etc. SDM”.

Dino Melaye is a former Senator and was a member of the 8th Nigerian National Assembly, representing Kogi West Senatorial district. Dino is a member of the People’s Democratic Party.


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