Everything You Need To Know About Jodie Fletcher

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Jodie Fletcher is the daughter of Terrel Fletcher, a Former NFL Player, and Sheree Zampino, a Producer, Actress, and Designer. She is well known as the step-sister of Trey Smith, Will Smith’s son.

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Jodie Fletcher Profile Summary

• Full Name: Jodie Fletcher

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• Date of Birth: January 2007

• Age: 13 years old

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• Place of Birth: the United States

• Hair Colour: Black

• Eye Colour: Dark brown

Jodie Fletcher’s Early Life

Jodie Fletcher was born in January 2007 in the United States of America. She is of Jewish descent and holds an American nationality.

How Old Is Jodie Fletcher?

Jodie Fletcher is 15 years old as of 2022.

Jodie Fletcher’s Educational Background

There’s no information about Jodie Fletcher’s educational background but it’s believed that she should be in high school.

Jodie Fletcher’s Sibling

Jodie Fletcher was raised alongside her elder and half-brother, Trey Smith. Her mother rose to prominence following news that she was the former wife of popular Hollywood superstar, Will Smith.

Jodie Fletcher’s Parents

Jodie Fletcher’s parents, Terrell Fletcher and Sheree Zampino tied the knot in 2007 but sadly split in the middle of 2014 seven years after their marriage due to issues of incompatibility.

Terrell Fletcher played in the NFL for 8 years for the San Diego Chargers. He was born on September 14, 1973, attended the University of Wisconsin–Madison and played for the Wisconsin Badgers.

Before marrying her father, Jodie’s mother was previously married to actor Will Smith. Will Smith and she had a son named Trey in 1992. Trey and Jodie have a strong bond and adore one another.

Terrell Fletcher was the MVP in the 1994 Hall of Fame Outback Bowl. With the Chargers, he rushed for 1,871 yards and gained 1,943 yards receiving.

Jodie Fletcher’s father, Terrell Fletcher is currently the Senior Pastor of the City of Hope International Church in San Diego, California, since March 2012.

Her mother, Sheree Elizabeth Zampino, on the other hand, is an American entrepreneur, fashion enthusiast, and actress, born on the 16th of November 1967 in New York and is best known as the ex-wife of established Hollywood superstar, Will Smith.

Sheree Zampino is the CEO of her skin organization, Sheree Elizabeth LLC.

Jodie Fletcher’s Net Worth

There’s no information about Jodie Fletcher’s net worth since she’s just a teen and hasn’t started working yet.

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