Exclusive: Bisa Kdei Smooched & Kissed Becca In Her Car At His Album Launch

Bisa Kdei and Becca have always denied rumors, that they are dating, claiming they are just close friends.

In a recent interview on Nhyira Fm, Bisa Kdei disclosed that, he had nothing to do with Becca and that they were just best friends. He also mentioned in the interview that, the closest he has ever come to Becca was holding her hands, giving her pecks and hugs.

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When Ghbase.com also spoke to Becca at the recent 4Syte Music Video Awards, Becca  disclosed “Bisa is a lovely young man and I actually look forward to seeing him all the time. He is a good performer and a big artist… He’s evolved and brought back highlife in a very different dynamic way and thats why I personally like him. We very good friends and so far that’s what we are” (Click Here To Watch That Interview)

Well, it turns out, the two of them are probably not ready to let the public know they are dating yet, for reasons best known to them. At Bisa Kdei’s album launch Yesterday, December 18th, something spectacular happened and our eyes nearly popped out with what we saw.

Bisa Kdei was seen in Becca’s car parked somewhere in the dark, kissing and caressing the beautiful damsel, Becca, although they claim they are not dating.

No cameras were there, and it would be hard to have noticed, but one of our writers, who followed them secretly , even swore on his left butt, that he saw Bisa Kissing Becca in her car, while fondling her as*.

We at Ghbase.com don’t have a problem with Bisa kissing Becca, as it’s a perfectly normal thing to happen between a man and a woman.

Well, now you have it, they are dating or just perhaps just on Friends with Benefits. Follow Us On Instagram @officialghbase

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