EXCLUSIVE: Castro’s Family Demands Him From Spiritualist

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Embittered family of Hiplife musician, Castro, real name Theophilus Tagoe, who is feared dead or missing, has confronted a spiritualist they once consulted to produce Castro within 7 days or face the family’s wrath.

On Saturday 6th September, 2014, one Prophet Samuel Baffoe, Founder of Elshadai Prayer Ministry, located in Spintex, revealed on Adom TV’s ‘Anansekrom’ that family of Castro consulted him to find out why Castro’s tragic fate and to find out if he is dead or alive.

Speaking to GHbase.com, Prophet Baffoe reiterated what he said on TV that has caught the fury of Castro’s family. “Castro’s family consulted me some few weeks after the whole tragedy happened. I told them before I work on the issue they should go and meet another spiritualist because the case is a thorny one.
“I therefore directed them to a spiritualist and the things they heard into their own ears, they were shocked! The spiritualist disclosed to them that Castro has been consulting him. The man said he has been helping Castro to make hits!” Prophet Baffoe said. He further revealed that just after the show when he got out of the studio, Castro’s father called and threatened him.

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“After that TV interview, Castro’s father called – haranguing on the phone out of fury, that why did I reveal on the show that they consulted me! Meanwhile, I did not go to the show to speak about Castro. The host asked me a question about Castro and Asamoah Gyan’s recent anger at a journalist and in answering I said Castro’s family consulted me.

“Castro’s father threatened me on phone! Last week Tuesday (9th Sept, 2014), Castro’s father and a fair lady he claimed is Castro’s wife, stormed my outfit at 10am and started insulting me – creating a scene! He attacked me and also threatened to expose a conversation I had with them earlier when they visited me to the police to arrest me!

“They are now demanding Castro from me. As we speak, they have given me 7 days to produce Castro else they will teach me a lesson” he said. Prophet Baffoe, who believes in spiritual justice, said he will not report the case to the police but he won’t also leave the matter to rest.

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For Castro’s family’s side, GHbase.com gathered from one family member that though they are very angry at the turn of things, they have convened a family meeting and have strongly resolved not to grant interviews on the issue any more because they want to allow the police to do their work.

However, Prophet Baffoe is of a strong conviction that Castro is not dead. “Castro is not dead. He is alive. At the right time, the truth will come out for all to see.” Castro and a female acquaintance, Janet Bandu got missing on the Volta estuary when he and Asamoah Gyan, Baffour Gyan, Samuel Anim, and others went jet skiing in the waters at Aqua Safari Beach Resort in Ada on 6th July, 2014.
GHbase.com is still following up on the ongoing mystery which keeps developing different angles each passing day. Until then…MOTWUM!!


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