EXCLUSIVE: Music Council Prez Ekow Micah Caught Smoking ‘SOMETHING’

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President of the Music Council of Ghana, Mr. Lester Ekow Micah, is most likely up to something he only knows when it comes to smoking and promotion of weed/marijuana in Ghana.

After having told GHbase.com that weed smoking is a human right and so the police and court should free Kwaw Kesse, Ekow now wants to prove to the whole world that he does not only talk – but walks his talk. A picture of Ekow, which GHbase.com scooped, clearly shows Ekow smoking a substance which one can believe is weed – due to what he stands for. [Read Also:President Of Music Council Of Ghana, Ekow Micah Says Kwaw Kesse Has The Right To Smoke Wee]

See Ekow Micah, serious smoking his head off:

Ekow Micah Smoking the thing
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Per Ghana’s narcotic laws, if an individual is caught in the possession of wee or marijuana without lawful authority or excuse, that person commits an offence – as stipulated in the Narcotic Drugs (Control, and Enforcement, and Sanctions) Law 1990.

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Section 5 of the Law deals with usage – smoking, sniffing or administering it into the body or into another person. If you do so without lawful authority and you are caught, by the law, you will suffer a minimum of five years imprisonment.

However, President of Music Council of Ghana MCG, Mr. Lester Ekow Micah, begs to differ. According to Ekow Micah: “We are elderly people. We are not aliens in our own country! I will be seated somewhere doing my thing (smoking wee) without bothering anyone but the police will just pounce on you and chase you as if you are a thief! Meanwhile you are not a thief! It’s very bad!”

“It is not illegal! It is our Constitutional right and our human right!” he emphasized. He further justified that “no human being has the right to stop someone from doing his wholehearted wishes as far as it is not wrong!

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“If I buy my wee, roll it and smoke it, does it pierce into another person’s skin? So what is your problem?” asked if he presently smokes wee, he stated temerariously: “Of course yes! I smoke! I will not hide it from anyone! I smoke the wee! From the days when I recorded “Mesiwohemaa” which you people has danced to all these years till now.”

“I am a pure believer and a pure participator of marijuana! I smoke ganja! I will not hide away!” Ekow told GHbase.com some few weeks ago. Mr. Ekow also said, the police should free Kwaw Kesse because even Chris Brown came to Ghana to smoke but the latter was not arrested and prosecuted.

“He has every right to smoke wee! By smoking wee did he hurt another person? What is criminal about he smoking wee? They should free Kwaw immediately! This harassment has to end else we are not practicing democracy but autocracy.” GHbase.com still monitoring what else Ekow has up his closet to share on weed smoking in Ghana. Until then….MOTWUM!!


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