Exclusive: SARKODIE Just Did Some Big Yawa, He Goes Desperately Begging BET To Play His “New Guy”

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Now this is a clear example of inferiority complex and our Ghanaian celebrities are trying too hard to get accepted by some foreign people who don’t give a bullsh*t about them.

2012 BET Africa Act Winner, Sarkodie has committed one of the worst blunders and I cant fathom why a whole Sarkodie would do something like that.
So what did Sarkodie do? Well, let me let you in on this hot scoop. You know Sarkodie has one new banger with American rapper Acehood titled “New Guy” right?
In a desperate attempt by Sarkodie and his management to promote his new song with Acehood, which Acehood has not even bothered to share the link to the song or the music video after taking some whopping $25,000, Sarkodie has resorted to using the cheap means of getting attention from the American people.
I was surfing online as my job requires and I chanced upon a post on  BET Awards Facebook page. They had posted something on Fashion and just in the comment box, there is a video link to Sarkodie’s  New Guy song posted there by Sarkodie’s verified Facebook page.
See the screenshot we got below before they even attempt deleting it.
Now, the post had no correlation with his comment and it’s very cheap for a BIG celebrity like Sarkodie to be doing that. It’s very CHILDISH and a clear case of inferiority complex.
It just didn’t end there, he went ahead and posted under a post comment on BET Hip-Hop Awards page which had posted news about Kendrick Lamar and Chris Brown.
We know it’s big news for someone to feature an artiste in the USA, but then to be so desperate to get your music accepted  by the international audience through cheap means is not the way to go for an artiste like Sarkodie.
If I would translate what I want to say directly from Twi to English, then I would say the Rap God is doing “Self put put” aka “ahushish3″ or in other words, he’s  crying too desperately to get accepted as a great rapper by the whites.
You wouldn’t see Chris Brown or say Nicki Minaj posting their music video in a comment box of a Ghanaian page or even that of a foreign page.
Even if he wanted to do that, the best thing he could have done was to use a Facebook account different than his own verified account to do the postings.
Big Stars, relax and allow people to do the underground works. It could be that, it was an admin on the page of Sarkodie who did that and whoever that person is, he should stop doing that for it’s very very LAME-it’s for underground artistes.
Sarkodie is one Hell of a Nation, there are so many ways to promote a song and commenting your music video in comment boxes of International pages is just not one of them.
Imagine what an admin on the BET page will think of Ghanaians when he comes across the omment from someone who has been nominated in the BET desperately seeking attention by commenting his video link under a post that has noo relation with comment-He would be like, Ghanaians are so DUMB!
Money is not a problem, if he pays BET, they will play the music video as long as his money lasts and even post it directly on the Facebook page and we expect him to take that direction.
I know some people would conclude that I am a hater and I care less about that. I am a Sark fan but come on, this is so wrong and our celebrities need to stop doing such things and have some pride. We can build our own entertainment industry, so it can also be envied by others.
Watch the music video to his song “New Guy”
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