EXCLUSIVE TAPE 1: Late Citi Fm Presenter Claims “I Recorded 6,000 Phone Calls Of My Wife’s Conversation With Boyfriends”

An emotion laden story of a Citi fm presenter, Kofi Ofori-Attah, who died some few weeks back has really alarmed most young men in Ghana – to wonder if it’s worth marrying a beautiful woman at all.

According to what GHbase.com gathered, the guy, BEFORE HE MARRIED the lady, bought a new car – as a gift for the lady, and with the help of a driver, drove the car to the lady’s premises unannounced. He got there and allegedly, caught her in bed with another guy bonking her down.

He left them without creating any scene or assaulting them. Despite that, he went ahead and married this same lady, thinking she will change into a better woman – – – – GHbase.com says he is a FOOL NUMBER ONE!

Three (3) months after their marriage, the guy had suspicions regarding the lady’s promiscuity. In order to have hardcore evidence for a winning case, he downloaded a call recording app unto the lady’s phone – without her knowledge.

With the help of the app, the lady’s phone recorded every phone conversation she had – including those with her extra-marital boyfriends. This Citi FM presenter, according to GHbase.com’s source, would smartly send the recorded voices unto his phone when his wife left her phone down.

Some few weeks to his death, all he did was to always put his phone’s earpiece on and listen to the numerous conversations between his wife and her boyfriends. He did so at work to the amazement and wonder of his working colleagues. Each time he was asked what at all he was listening, he replied “I’m listening to sermons.”

Well after his death, GHbase.com is in possession of an ALLEGED tape. From the tape, it appears the late presenter and wife were at a police station over an allegation the lady made to the police against him – that, the former beat her up. Explaining himself, the guy said he attempted beating the lady because she flirts.

According to him, he knows she flirts even before he married her and still was in the known that she continues to allow other guys chop her down after marriage. “I have 6,000 recorded conversations of her and her numerous boyfriends. I can show it to you (the policeman)” he is heard saying in the ALLEGED tape.


GHbase.com’s source is still compiling more and more of the lady’s alleged recorded conversations with her numerous boyfriends. Stick and stay while we serve you with all the exclusives on GHbase.com. Until then….MOTWUM!!


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