Exclusive: The Main Reason Why Sarkodie Boycotted DumsorVigil

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When we talk about an artiste who’s multifaceted, then Sarkodie will certainly top the list. Known for his calmness which transcends in his normal everyday life, it is an indisputable fact, that the BET African Act winner is also a FEAR-RO!

Some weeks back, one fine actress was struck by the ugly effects of Dumsor, so much that she saw the need to speak up for the many Ghanaians who don’t have a voice of their own to make known to the government, how her own demon, “Dumsor” was tormenting many Ghanaians.
This beautiful damsel known widely as Yvonne Nelson started something on Twitter with a simple hashtag #DumsorMustStop and within some split seconds, her hashtag inundated social media with the aid of the many Ghanaians who could tweet or post a status. Even when people took selfies and posted it on social media, they wouldn’t skip adding the hashtag “DumsorMustStop.
Her social media campaign to put pressure on government to end the unbearble power cuts in the country attracted some few celebrities, who also added their voice, giving strong wings to her bird who had the #DumsorMustStop strapped around her body to fly.
Sarkodie, and Lydia Forson happened to be the key leaders of Yvonne’s Dumsormuststop campaign which even had it’s many issues before it the D-day even came.
We all know for a fact that, on the D-day, Sarkodie as well as Lydia Forson were not present for the DumsorMustStop Vigil. The reason Sarkodie gave was that, he had been called by Acehood to come feature on a song in the United States, around the same time the vigil was supposed to hold.
A source close to Sarkodie has hinted Ghbase.com that, the real reason Sarkodie didn’t make it to the DumsorVigil as he had given Ghanaians the impressions  that he would was that, he didn’t want any trouble and hence backed out.
When Ghbase.com asked it’s source to explain further, this is what the source said
“ You know before the Vigil, Sarkodie had gone for an award organized by etv Ghana, and Nana Akuffo Addo was there, so as courtesy demands, he just went to exchange pleasantries with him. Pictures were taken, and it eventually ended up on Social media. The truth is Sarkodie is a great guy and does not support any party, but some people started affiliating him with the Npp, saying that he had been paid by Nana Akuffo Addo, so he organizes the DumsorVigil just to torment government, which is very very false. So when the Acehood deal came in, he just had to fly and go chase business”
“He just had to leave although it was very tough knowing most people would be disappointed. He just didn’t like the gossip about him been an NPP guy, when he’s not” our source told Ghbase.com
Well, we now understand why he had to suddenly leave when he knew dumber was there. To cover up, he did a song titled “Dumsor” so we could take consolidation in it.
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