EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: The Spirit Of The Late Citi Fm’s Kofi Got Into A Woman At His Own Funeral- The Things He Said,  SHOCKED Us!

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The saga of the Late Citi Fm Worker, Kofi is still trending and each time, new twists develop. We at Ghbase.com have given you all the exclusive audios, Kofi recorded on his wife’s own using an android app he had installed secretly on her phone.

At Kofi’s funeral, something strange and mysterious happened that shocked the many people there. We cannot confirm the validity of this video, but after watching it, one can confidently say that, it was not faked after all.

Those at the funeral and our source who furnished Ghbase.com with this video, confirmed to us that, indeed, what was captured in the video is true.

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Kofi’s spirit was said to have sunk into the body of one of the women at the funeral and all of a sudden, the woman is heard making some revelations.

The woman whose’s body had been taken over by the spirit of the late Kofi, was said saying in Twi “It is not my wish to leave you so soon, it is the doing of someone whom, you have heard of, and I don’t want to talk much about it”

In the video Kofi, also warned his father to stop maltreating his mother or else he would come take him away.

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One could sense and see how sad his spirit was through the eyes of the woman. After all those lamentations, he then asked his friends present to tell him what their heart desires are and that if they told him, he was going to ensure it all comes to pass.

Watch The Full Video Here:

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