Eyeing A Beggar on the Street Can Prevent You From Progressing in Life, So Be Careful – Spiritual Grandpa Warns (+VIDEO)

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‘Spiritual Grandpa’, a Ghanaian spiritualist from the Ashanti Region has shed more light on some spiritual issues and how they can be fixed.

According to him, he was born with his powers and is much more powerful than most fetish priests, hence the name ‘Spiritual Grandpa’.

Speaking in an interview with Gh Base TV’s Adwoa, he said that he uses is God-given powers to cure a myriad of problems for the people who come to him.

“If you start a business and it is unstable, God can use me to help you. Or if you would like to give birth, get healed from a sickness or even travel, I can help you.”

When asked why some people do not progress in life, he explained that it could be because of trivial issues such as the person’s way of talking or their general attitude.

“For some people, it is the words they say. For others too, it may be the way they disrespectfully look at people they do not even know such as beggars by the road side. That beggar might be a king spiritually, and you will not even know. So, if you do that to them, they can block you spiritually from getting that job or whatever you are searching for.”

He highlighted on the fact that not everyone is a human being, Therefore, to avoid unnecessary misfortunes, we must respect everyone equally.

See full interview here:

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