Facebook set to ban all content that sexually harasses celebrities

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Celebs worldwide who use Facebook will come under some form of protection after Facebook announced that it would start removing “severe sexualizing content” targeting public figures as part of a new update to its bullying and harassment policies.

@TheVerge’s report, Facebook Major announcement Earlier today regarding the removal of “serious sexual content” targeting celebrities. According to Facebook’s Global Safety Head Antigone Davis, the company “removes all sexualized profiles, pages, groups and events of public figures such as celebrities, politicians and content creators.” [Including banning] Sexual photo shopping and painting, and degraded content “in the process of physical functioning”.

In addition, the company will permanently remove “undesirable sexual commentary and repetitive attacks that sexually harass individuals.” In a company-wide blog post, Davis explains this decision: “Politicians, journalists, celebrities, creators, and other public figures use Facebook and Instagram to interact directly with their followers. These attacks can be armed with their appearance. We’ve made changes. This is unnecessary and often has nothing to do with the work these public figures represent. “

The policy changes also include coordinated harassment attacks against users.

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“Public figures whether they’re politicians, journalists, celebrities or creators  use Facebook and Instagram to engage directly with their followers,” Davis wrote in the Wednesday blog post. “We made these changes because attacks like these can weaponize a public figure’s appearance, which is unnecessary and often not related to the work these public figures represent.”

The announcement comes after whistleblower Frances Haugen testified before Congress last week. The hearing focused on a series of reports from the Wall Street Journal that revealed Facebook executives were aware of the harms its platform could inflict on users, especially teenagers. Haugen is expected to testify before the UK Parliament later this month.

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