Facts Check: 4 Amazing Works of Rev Obofour In 2018 That’s Giving Obinim Sleepless Nights

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Setting the record straight, contemporary pastors are no longer solely interested in getting people to Heaven; they’ve devised intelligent ways to make good money while reaching out to souls. For the so called men of God swim in millions, while their congregations are incredibly poor.

In Ghana, the number of fake holders of the Christian sacred book, Holy Bible outnumber the genuine ones. However, because Ghanaian believers are religiously notorious, no amount of fake prophecies exhibited by these men of God will compel the congregation to forsake the so called ‘men of God.’

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Now, Bishop Daniel Obinim who happens to be the leader and founder of International God’s Way Church (IGWC) always appear in the news for engaging in questionable acts. He’s arguably the leading controversial ‘man of God’ in Ghana. But it looks like there is a fierce competitor gunning for Obinim’s unofficial title of being the most controversial pastor in Ghana in recent memory.


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That person is no other than, Reverend Obofour (Asanteman Bofour) whose behaviour lately brings up controversies Obinim himself would envy. Here are a few of Obofour’s acts which suggest he may want to topple Bishop Daniel Obinim.


1. Claiming to be the only ‘true angel of God’:

In May, Reverend Obofour was widely reported to have claimed that he was the only ‘true’ archangel of God in Ghana. Yes, the name Obofour, when translated into English means angel and thus no one can really begrudge him for saying he is an angel.

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But claiming that the others are fake when you well know that Obinim has been using the title for all this while is a very controversial statement to make which even Obinim himself will likely not make.


2. Playing secular songs during church service:

Before his controversial claim to the ‘angel’ title, Obofour had trended on social media after a video of him and his junior pastors dancing to Shatta Wale’s song emerged online. In the video, Obofour’s church band played Shatta Wale’s ‘Taking Over’ for them to boogie in front of the congregation.


While nobody can claim to know the heart of men or be righteous than anybody, there are clear rules in the Bible governing Christianity which followers must adhere to. Simply put, secular songs are not accepted in God’s Temple but Reverend Obofour changed the status quo.


3. Buying Rolls Royce:

Bishop Obinim recently came in the news after buying a Rolls Royce estimated to be worth $300,000 and he was widely criticised for showing too much opulence. But before those criticisms would end, a video of Obofour showing off the same type of Rolls Royce he had bought popped up.

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The man of God is heard in the video saying he had purchased an ‘original’ Rolls Royce and also purchased a new land where he was going to put up a building to relocate from where they currently worshipped.


4. Buying a Ford Mustang for his baby girl:

After buying a $300,000 car, Reverend Obofour is once again in the news for buying another expensive car.This time, it is a Ford Mustang which he purchased for his daughter on her birthday.


Interestingly, the daughter is only nine years old and you wonder what she will be doing with the car which is said to be sold in the region of $40,000 and above. Undoubtedly, this is an extreme show of affluence which Bishop Obinim himself is yet to try.

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Truly, there is no doubt that Obinim has been the most controversial Ghanaian pastor in recent memory but taking into consideration the speed of Usain Bolt employed by Reverend Obofour, angel Obinim now ‘Jesus Christ‘ has to up his game else he’ll lose his enviable position as the most controversial man of God in Ghana regardless.


Portions of text culled from yen.com.gh


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