Falicia Blakely Bio, Age, Height and all facts about her

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Falicia Blakely is an American Dancer from Jacksonville, Florida of the United States who is well known in the public spaces as a convicted felon.

Her main rise to public fame where she gained popularity came in a movie When Love Kills a film dubbed “The Falicia Blakely Story” was exclusively produced based on the life of Falicia Blakely.

She is said to have killed three men because of her interest and the fact she was in love with a man identified as Michael Berry. Be guided that the movie is however a true story of her life and she made those killings before turn 19 years old.

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Falicia Blakely Biography

Falicia Blakely is known widely for mainly some wrong reasons, as a result, most personal details are aren’t known about her. Her particular date of birth isn’t known but it is strongly believed that she is 36 years of age as of the year 2022.

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She became a mother just when she was very young and after being felt mistreated, she became a night club Stripper.

Falicia Blakely
Falicia Blakely

It is also known that, Falicia Blakely had a very troublesome upbringing, yes she has been hit with controversies being it from her parents to any other angle throughout her childhood days.

It is a story that you wouldn’t like to go experience, Falicia sadly admitted to robbing and killing his victims, one identified as Raymond Goodwin a 34 years old business man and Claudell Christmas, also a 35 years old business man with a gun .

She is currently serving a Jail sentence in Lee Arrendale State Prison after being coerced into crime by someone identified in the movie as Big Dino.

Her case is however a very sad one and people who are legal practitioners hints that she might not be able to move out from prison anytime soon.





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