Fallen from God’s grace: Female contestant of TV3’s ‘The Pulpit’ show years ago now twerks like a PRO on TikTok – Watch

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A video that has gone viral on social media shows one of the female participants of TV3’s The Pulpit years ago.

The Pulpit was a TV3 reality program that helped 10 to 14-year-olds enhance their preaching skills. The first publication of the noble reality show was in 2013.

The participant in the video presented her sermon excellently. She preached like a congregation-leading evangelist.

Years later, she’s a different person, living contrary to the bible she preached on public TV on the reality program. The woman’s transformation has stunned her old friends.

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The clip shows the girl twerking to the camera with no respect for anybody. This lady may have fallen from God’s grace

The FAQ is, who is to blame for her wayward lifestyle? The parents, social media or peer pressure and peers?

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The truth is, this lady by now should have been a mega preacher at her church but it seems Satan has taken over her soul and heart.


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