Fameye cries out as engine of his Honda Pilot car get damaged after fuel attendant gave him fuel mixed with water

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Fameye has shared with his fans on social media how some mischievous and greedy fuel attendants gave him fuel mixed with water when he recently bought fuel at an unnamed gas station for ₵700.

To make matters worse, the ‘concoction’ has damaged his engine and now he has spent over ₵7,000 to remedy the situation to no avail.

“So, a few days ago, I drove to a fuel station to get fuel, 700 cedis, the rest is heartbreaking. They filled my tank with water mixed with petrol as I’m talking to you now my car; Honda pilot touring 2019 Model is spoilt.” he narrated. 

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The singer said he has so far spent ₵7k to get the car back on track but nothing seems to be working. “Spent 7k already still not working! What do I do?” he lamented. He then asked netizens to tell him what he has to do next.

Some fans came through with some form of advice as seen below;


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