Fan Reveals How Medikal And His Assistant Scammed Some Fans Years Back

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AMG rapper, Medikal and his assistant known as Quame Zane, have been caught in a scam they did some years back.

This was revealed by a fan who was indirectly involved in the scam when it happened, as he narrated how he caught the rapper and his assistant had scammed the fans.

According to the fan, Medikal said he was doing a Q&A for his fans and the winner was going take home ghc 1,000. The fan said after that it happened that a girl won which she was given the prize.

Apparently the girl who won took a screenshot of the Momo sent to her and displayed it on social media which the fan saved as ‘Medikal Fan’, only for him to go on Snapchat to realize the girl who won happened to be his assistant Quame Zane.

Quame Zane happens to be one of Medikal’s manager, and screenshots added by the fan to prove his case were laudable enough.

Screenshots below;

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