Friday, December 4, 2020

Fan Who Has Almost 1000 Images Of Sister Derby On His Phone Finally Grabs Singer’s Attention

It’s very common to see fans obsess over the celebrities they love, and we’ve all been there at some point in our lives. But it gets unusual when these fans start going out of their way to do the unnecessary, just to be recognized by their idols.

Well, such is the case of one young boy on Twitter, who has managed to save over 900 photos of media sensation and songstress, Deborah Vanessa.

In a confession post, he revealed that he is above legal age and that permits him to love freely because, the feelings he’s been harboring for the singer is vast.

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He said;

I’m 24 and that doesn’t make me a minor right? Cos love dier I love you paaaa

Some might say the outrageousness of this post is what finally caught the attention of the 36 years old singer. She quoted the tweet and said;

“Eeiii more than calendar”

Things we do for love ampa. People are wondering how long he can keep this charade running, and with the amount of photos Sister Derby takes on a regular, he will probably end up using all his money in buying SD cards and Hard Disks.

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