Fancy Gadam explains his “no show” at Sister Afia’s Tamale concert

During an interview on Majority FM in Tamale, Fancy Gadam provided an explanation for declining Sister Afia’s invitation. Gadam emphasized that he became aware of his worth when he and his management invited Sarkodie to perform in Tamale.

He disclosed that he paid Sarkodie GH120,000 for the performance, which served as a turning point in recognizing his own value. Consequently, Gadam began charging GH100,000 for his performances since 2017. Gadam further revealed that it was someone who approached him and his team to inform them of Sister Afia’s interest in having him on board for her performance in Tamale.

In response, Gadam’s team informed the individual that they required GH100,000 to perform at the stadium. Subsequently, Sister Afia contacted Gadam and requested him to perform at her event. Due to their close relationship, Gadam agreed but requested a reduced fee of GH50,000, which equated to a 50% discount from his usual charge.

However, Gadam expressed his disappointment as Sister Afia and her team were indecisive about paying the agreed amount. Additionally, Gadam highlighted that the incident occurred during Ramadan, a period when shows typically experience low turnout due to Muslims concluding their fasting. Consequently, he advised Sister Afia and her team to reschedule the event to a more suitable date to ensure successful promotion and attendance.

However, they were adamant about not changing the date, and he didn’t want to intervene since it was her show. Therefore, he had to take a step back and observe them carry out their plans. He agreed with the host that, at a certain point, it wasn’t solely about the money but also about the timing of the show.

He disclosed that it was only a week before the show that Sister Afia and her team finally agreed to pay the GH50,000. According to Gadam, that one week was insufficient for promoting the show. He emphasized that in Tamale, timing is crucial when it comes to promoting an event. When the host inquired if he intended to sabotage her show, he firmly stated that he would never do such a thing, even to his worst enemy.

He never wishes for anyone to experience a failed event. He mentioned that he later contacted Sister Afia to inform her that he would be attending Mr. Drew’s concert, and in response, Sister Afia threatened to deal with him when she sees her. In an unqualified apology to her, Fancy Gadam said, “My sister, wherever you are, Chale, you know say this industry de3, it was just a misunderstanding so I’m sorry for the pain, you see, we are one..”


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