Fans Of DJ Khaled Call Him ‘Greedy’ After He Buys Thick Stack Of Lottery Tickets For $1.6 Billion Prize

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Although DJ Khaled is rich as he’s worth some $20 million, it seems the 42-year-old producer wants more just like Oliver and his fans are angry at him after buying a massive stack of lottery tickets, to increase his chances of winning the $1.6 billion prize.

Who doesn’t want to be richer even though they are already OK in life? Well, DJ Khaled wants to earn the billionaire status, so he purchases a massive stack of lottery tickets for the October 23 Mega Millions drawing where the pot has swelled to $1.6 billion and his fans are calling him greedy after he posted at a Florida convenience store where he bragged about spending a “whole bag” on as many lottery tickets as he could.

Dj khaled
American producer, DJ Khaled

Fans took him to task for being greedy, as Khaled is already wealthy and so may other people playing the MegaMillions could really use the prize money. “He’s selfish. He should know other people need that money more than him,” one person wrote in the IG comments. Another scolded him, “YOU ALREADY HAVE MONEY!!!” “Please stay outta broke ppl business ugh,” another fan wrote while others just called him plain old greedy.

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While anyone can play the Mega Millions, fans went hard on him for trying to game the system by buying up so many combinations with his vast wealth. “THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL” one person commented. Another added “I don’t get why rich ppl do this. Like damn, let somebody get a chance to get on y’all level.” “Damn, that’s so selfish. The regular folks are just trying to eat,” another wrote while one fan succinctly called Khaled’s actions “Gluttony at it’s finest.” How is he even going to have the time to go through all of the numbers he purchased? Either Khaled has a team at home waiting for him or he’s going to be doing nothing but going through his ticket stack for the next two days!


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