Fashion For Men: 10 Ways Men Are Dressing Wrong!

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On Fashion For Men on, we want to talk about the 10 ways men are dressing wrong! Yes, you could be dressing wrongly, and no one is telling you.

As a man, the way you dress speaks a whole lot about you. Your dressing style is you personified and as a man you need to pay attention to what you wear. Don’t just wear anything, if you don’t want people to have the wrong impression about you because once that first impression is made, you might not have the chance to change it again! 

There are some general rules to dressing and up till now some people don’t know it and because their friends have told them, they still dress that way. Maybe it could also be that you are too stubborn and think that, what you wearing is cool.  I have a friend who wears white socks with Loafer shoe which is very very wrong. All you always want to wear very big trousers and shirts, well thats is not smart at all. We have found an amazing video to guide you. We at will be putting together our own Fashion videos soon to answer all of your fashion questions and give you weekly fashion tips.

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Watch the video below and send us a message  with all of your questions and enquiries to

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