Top Fashion Tips You Must Know By Now!

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Below are some things you should know if you want to be a ”fashionista”.

• Exposing too much: gone are the days when a lady feared to wear clothes that expose parts of her body for the fear of stigmatisation.currently, the trend has changed. Now some ladies wear dresses and expose breasts, tighs all in the name of fashion. Interesting! If you care to know exposing your self is not called sexy. It is a complete fashion NO-NO!kim-birthday-pics

• Sagging: it is very rare to go through town in these recent times without spotting 12 out of twenty a young guy in sagged denim. and its a bit funny how some beautiful and well endowed ladies have adopted the sagging flavour.even with the ladies its more serious than the guys. Some wear jeans without panties. And some with very thin G-strings. Some of our guys too, very dirty boxers. Pulling your shorts down and showing your boxers is not gentlemanly at all.gents.pull up your jeans or shorts .ladies sagging was not meant for you .wear long tops to cover. Sagging is a big NO!

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• Dress to suit your body type: if you want to dress to kill, you must learn how to flatter your assets and minimize your flaws. What looks great one person might not look good on people with flat asses should never wear tight dresses that would draw their body contours and display their lack to the world.

• Your shoes must match your outfit: you cannot possibly wear an orange short sleeved dress, a black blazer, an orange bag and crown it with a lemon green shoe. All in the name of color blocking. Such a huge contrast. This outfit would have been perfect with a black shoe.

• Do not over dress: many a times we put on so many things .be simple in adorning yourself for occasions.because simplicity is the best sophistication.


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