Check out a list of Ghanaian artistes who rap faster than Sarkodie and we bet you have no idea

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As a staunch rap disciple who knows the rudiments of Hip-hop and rap culture more consciously presently, I’d the erroneous impression that rappers who rap and twist their tongues more quickly in their songs are the best in the game.

This is why Twista (real name Carl Terrell Mitchell) and Buster Rhymes (Trevor George Smith Jr.) were my favourite rappers when I subscribed to the rap genre decades ago until I ditched them for rappers who embody the rap component properly.

These components of rap include ‘content’ (what is being said), ‘flow’ (rhythm, rhyme), and ‘delivery’ (cadence, tone). Rap differs from spoken-word poetry in that it is usually performed off time to musical accompaniment.

Here in Ghana, Sarkodie represents all the above and his tongue-twisting ability has officially made him the fastest rapper in Ghana and by far in Africa (well, this extension to Africa can be contentious).

But the funny thing is that there are some rappers in Ghana who are far better than Sarkodie in this regard but don’t have the spotlight and mainstream relevance like Obidi and this is why Kpakpo of Ghbase fame is doing this exclusive write up to drive attention to them.

1. Flowking Stone

This Kumasi-based rapper, who is presently in the United States needs no introduction. Born Kwaku Nisa Boama, this intelligent rapper whose flow and delivery, aside from his tongue-twisting ability, can match Sarkodie boot for boot in the fast rap department.

2. Lyrical Joe (LJ)

In 2011, LJ participated in the popular African TV show “X-FACTOR”. He was the only rapper who represented Accra-Ghana in the competition. Unfortunately, he didn’t win but he gave a good account of himself in the prestigious show.

Later in his career, he released visuals for most of these songs, and ‘Bowtie’ video got him a nomination at the 2016 MTN 4Syte Music Video Awards in the award category “Best Discovery Video of the Year.”

LJ has worked with industry players such as Gemini, Flowking Stone, Guru, Tinny, K Bentil, Yaa Pono. Everyone who knows this young man knows his tongue-twisting dexterity and rap expertise.

3.Gemini Orleans

Gemini Orleans is unarguably the fastest rapper in Africa and whoever disputes this fact obviously knows next to nothing about rap music.

In fact, Sarkodie himself subtly acknowledged this when he gave Gemini thumbs up on his song “Revenge of the Spartans” song. According to Sarkodie, Gemini has wicked flows that impress him a lot.

Gemini was featured on Sarkodie’s Makye Album which won the Album of the Year in the 2010 Ghana Music Awards.

4. Secure Pabene

Perhaps the best epithet for this dude is the video we have attached to his demarcation of the theme of this write-up.

No long talk, just watch it.


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