Wednesday, December 2, 2020

‘Who The F*ck Do You Think You Are? Concentrate On Your Work At UTV And Stop Being Jealous About Me’- Agya Koo Jabs kwasi Aboagye

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Agya Koo is not happy renowned radio presenter, Kwasi Aboagye criticized his yet-to-be-launched television channel and has his fired salvos at him in equal proportion.

Just last week, the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Catherine Afeku at a Press Meeting held on Monday, January 29 in Accra, announced the launch of Agya Koo and Daddy Lumba TV, which she said would be part of efforts to promote local content on television.

The announcement has angered a lot of people, particularly Bulldog and Kwasi Aboagye. Bulldog was even of the opinion that the duo are merely being rewarded for their role in NPP’s campaign period.

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Agya Koo, in an interview Power FM Saturday, the veteran comedian hit hard at the radio personality, claiming he hates him for his successes over the years.

He said:

Did he want the government to launch Kwasi Aboagye TV for him? He works at UTV, I’m doing my own so what’s his problem? Let me state that he does not like me and it didn’t start recently.

If he’s brave he should go and stop the project. He should not be on radio and insult me. He’s just jealous.

I started my career before him. Who’s Kwasi Aboagye to criticize the idea? Is he sensible than the Minister or is he sensible than I am? if he’s smart as he claims, he should go and stop the project.

Explaining the whole concept behind the new project, Agya Koo added:

Some of my old works are on the TV which is being piloted on mobile phones for now until we officially launch it.

However Kwasi Aboagye denied attacking Agya Koo. According to him, he only criticized the idea to create a government-funded television station for Agya Koo and Hi-life musician Daddy Lumba and the twist Agya Koo has added to his statement.

Here’s what he said:

I spoke Twi and not English. I did not use ‘foolish’ in my submission. I made that comment as an opinion and said it did not make any sense to launch a TV for the two.

I said the two campaigned for the NPP and so I did not see any progress Agya Koo TV and Daddy Lumba TV will make to the industry except for their individual gains.


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