Fear men: Moment man hides his phone on ceiling fan while he was taking his bath to avoid his girlfriend going through it

A man who wanted to avoid ‘wahala’ and safeguard his infidelity hid his phone in the unlikeliest place before he went to the bathhouse to take his shower.

His girlfriend who was stunned by what he did, still discovered the phone and shared a photo of the device resting comfortably on one of the blades of a ceiling fan on the internet.

The lady whose Twitter ID is @Mokgohloe7 added crying emojis to her post indicative of her huge shock and disappointment in her man for going to that extent to cover up his tracks.

She wrote; ”Look where I found his phone at while he was bathing 😢I’m done ka mjolo”

See the post:

See reactions;

@AceRawkus; Placing your fone close to a fan helps its processor with cooling which in turn helps prolong battery life. Must we teach you everything ladies?

@ThomasKagisho; I had a similar network problem like the only way to get calls is to get the phone way up, sometimes even up in the ceiling.

@JuniorJuniorXV; How did you get there, and why were you looking for his phone.

@ronaldanele1; Same spot you hide yours…. feathers of the bird same.

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