Feeding Your Child Breast Milk Is Child Molestation, Use Feeding Bottles – Lady Says

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A lady has has sparked controversy on social media by advising infant mothers to stop breast feeding their babies and rather use feeding bottles.

According to the lady whose name is ” Jesus Martinez” forcing a baby to breast feed is tantamount to child molestation.

A newly born child is expected to undergo exclusive breast feeding for six months. Doctors explain that this period is very essential for the baby to fully develop with all the nutritional benefits they will get from breast feeding. This even helps the child to bond very well with their mothers.

But with the advancement in technology, there are ways for working mothers to pump their breast milk into feeding bottles so that they don’t have to carry the babies with them all the time.

This process has helped out a lot of mothers who have demanding jobs.

Everything definitely has a side effect. And one of the side effects of using a feeding bottle is it may cause early child obesity. This is because Breast milk has all the nutrients that a baby requires to grow and develop. It is also light on the stomach compared to using formula.

Using a feeding bottle takes time because the mother has to make sure everything the baby needs is well placed in the bottle where as feeding the baby directly may reduce all that extra stress.

Well, both ways has its advantages and disadvantages but what this lady is saying is that, it is a form of sexualization hence breast feeding must be discouraged.

Her statement outraged a lot of young mothers who saw her as a “crazy” woman especially since she claims to be a mother herself.

See her post below and share your thoughts on it with us;

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