Felipe Esparza Net Worth: See His Worth Here

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Everybody works so hard to make just enough money to make life comfortable for their family. One of the areas where people have made a lot recently is comedy. What is the Mexican comedian Felipe Esparza net worth as one of the foremost comedians?

In this article, you are going to read about the money Felipe Esparza has made in his career as a comedian.

If you are a fan of the Mexican comedian and you want to find out more about him and how his career has evolved, this article may be of help to you as we will give you all the information you need to get familiar with your hero.

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So you are not just getting to know Felipe Esparza net worth, but also, everything about his life and career.

People are fond of comparing their favorite people with others and one of the areas where this sort of comparison is rife is in the area of finances.

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Getting to know how much your favorite comedian, Felipe is worth, is something that will help you to know where he stands as far as the net worth of people in his field is concerned.

Felipe Esparza Net Worth

Felipe Esparza net worth

As an actor and comedian, he has earned quite a lot for himself over the years. Sources on the internet have it that Felipe Esparza net worth is $3 million.

He has appeared in numerous works as a comedian and that has done his net worth a lot of good, ensuring that he earns just much to take care of his wife and four children.

In 2010, he took home the title of Last Comic Standing’s champion.

From 2010 to 2011, Esparza appeared in the television program Latino 101.

Knowing Felipe Esparza net worth, what do you know about his early life and educational background?

Let’s get you more information about his early life and educational background.

Early Life and Education

In Mexico’s Sinaloa state, Felipe Esparza was born. Before relocating with his family to live with his aunt in Tijuana, where they remained for almost two years, he resided on the ranch owned by his mother’s family in Sinaloa.

His father had abandoned the family and traveled to America by himself.

Eventually, in the years before Reagan’s Amnesty, Esparza traveled to the United States in the car of a “coyote” smuggler with his mother, two brothers, and other family members.

They were caught at a checkpoint in San Clemente, California, during the journey, and he was briefly separated from their mother and held in a holding cell with his siblings.

Felipe Esparza net worth is not something that came on the cheap as he has had to work for it over the years, and as this article wears on, we shall look at his career and the things he has done so far.

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They tried the journey once more but were caught and deported once more.

Using the passports of cousins who lived in California, they attempted it a third time.

They were taken to Carson, California, after switching automobiles twice.

They then relocated to his father’s home in Los Angeles’ Boyle Heights district.

Esparza grew up in the Boyle Heights housing developments known as Aliso Village.

Theodore Roosevelt High School was where he studied.

Felipe Esparza Net Worth: Career Details

Felipe Esparza Net Worth

We have seen his net worth and his early struggles as a child, but how did his career start?

What are the details surrounding his incredible career so far?

Let’s take a look at that now, shall we?

Felipe Esparza is an American actor and stand-up comedian of Mexican descent.

In 1994, he started doing stand-up. 2010 saw him win Last Comic Standing.

What’s Up Fool? is a weekly podcast that Esparza has been hosting since 2014.

Felipe Esparza net worth of three million dollars came from his career as an actor and comedian.

In 2010, he took home the title of Last Comic Standing’s champion.

From 2010 to 2011, Esparza appeared in the television program Latino 101.

He has also made appearances on The Eric Andre Show since its debut in 2014.

In 2015, Esparza co-created, served as executive producer, and appeared in the television show The Shop.

He has acted in the movies She’s Allergic to Cats, The Fix, I’m Not Like That Anymore, The Deported, and El Matador.

Esparza has made guest appearances on episodes of The Arsenio Hall Show, BET’s Comicview, and the comic book television series Unleashed.

He acted as the lead in the 2012 television special Felipe Esparza: They’re Not Gonna Laugh At You.

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