Fella Makafui Being Accused Of Paying A Photograher To Follow Her Take ‘Slay’ Pictures At Ebony’s 1 Week Memorial

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Yesterday, Fella Makafui was accused by Efia Odo for sleeping with Politicians and men for money. Efia Odo who’s popularly known for competing with the likes of Moeha Budoung when it comes to exposing their body parts on Social media also accused Fella Makafui of banging Sister Debby’s boyfriend, Medikal.

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Social Media is still buzzing after Efia Odo made those revelations but some people have argued that Efia Odo is also no saint and perhaps even does worst than Fell Makafui. We witnessed how ‘Jeje’ singer, Sista Afia jumped to the defense of Fella and threw jabs at Efia Odo, saying that, she’s jealous of Fella Makafui’s success story.

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Sista Afia who perhaps wanted to be on the blogs and grab a piece of the 2-minute fame slammed Efia Odo and tagged her as a thief for stealing a meager Ghc400 from her former boyfriend. She also mocked Efia Odo for not being able to make anything out of her ‘wh*re life’ after sleeping with several men across the world.

Well, everyone knows how hard it is to make money in this entertainment industry as producers are not making enough movies and those who are even producing, don’t pay any good money to these actresses so most of them have to resort to sleeping with the big men to make money. The order of the day in Ghana for most girls is to become famous, then make money from the men who perhaps don’t know how to put their money to good use.

There are big men who would buy expensive cars and even houses, open businesses for these Social media stars and actresses just to have a taste of their ‘kuku’ (abi you know what I mean) and sadly they don’t even last in bed so, within 2 minutes, these people bag in soo much money. Can we even blame them?

The system make hot and they need money to live that lifestyle to please the fans and the men keep trooping in their inboxes like flies, so why not allow these men have their way, so they also get what they want? You catch the drift right?

Well, let’s leave that to them, it’s not or business sha but as a gossip blog, every filla we hear in town, we would let you know the run down.

Now people are accusing Fella Makafui of paying a photographer who followed her to the one-week celebration of the late Ebony to take ‘slay’ pictures and videos of her on the ground. The argument people are making is that, it’s inappropriate to do so because she’s supposed to be mourning her ‘bestie’ as she puts it and not bother about taking pictures there to put out on Social media.

Ghanafuo p3 kasa ooo! Some girls are shocked as to why she would do that and have said that, it was one of the reasons why Efia Odo got pissed off and decided to slam her on her Instagram.

“If Fella would make a photographer to follow her, at least it shouldn’t be a funeral. If it’s someone who is taking you pictures, that’s normal but to pay a photographer paaa to follow you to take slay pictures for Social media dierr. Hmmm, no wonder Efia Odo was soo pissed off. Infact Efia, give it to her, I support you”—One post on Facebook read

Ha! People can talk ooo.  Anyways, see the pictures below and be the judge. SHARE this story and add your thoughts on it in comments.

Slay Mana, forgettii obiaaaaa!


When UTV interviews you, your photographer has to capture it or he won’t get paid


Allow allow, my photographer has to do this job!

Okay, Photo, take me now

fella makafui

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