Fella Makafui Declares Herself As KING Of Queens–KING Of Slay Queens, Copying Tonto Or Just Being Herself?

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Fella Makafui has adopted a new title for herself. She now calls herself KING Fella Makafui and says she’s the King Of Queens according to her update on her Instagram account.

We don’t know the kingdom she’s ruling and how come she’s become a KING and even the ruler of all queens in that kingdom. Considering the fact that the word KING is masculine, any woman who decides to use that title for herself certainly sees herself not only strong but one who would want to compete with men, be super independent and not give a hoot about being proposed to or not.

Just recently, Fella Makafui tweeted that, she might never date again and somewhat explains why she’s decided to use a masculine title as KING–Perhaps, she’s gotten to that level, where she feels she does not need the support from any man or the love from a man.

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To describe herself also as a KING of Queens, makes us think that she sees herself above her peers,  hence the need to prove that dominance and there couldn’t have been a better title for her than KING, since every woman sees herself as a queen, so there needs to be someone who would be a leader and master of the (slay) queens and Fella wants to capture that authority now.

But then, what if Fella Makafui is using the title KING because she sees the Nigerian actress, Tonto Dikeh as a role model. Tonto has been using the KING title after her unsuccessful marriage and even has a reality show titled KING TOTO, but in Tonto’s case, we can understand why she opted for that title–As she did it for her son and to prove to her ex-husband that, she can play the role of a KING & QUEEN in the life of her son (the Prince), hence the need for a masculine title, so she can rub shoulders with men.

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So, here’s to our own KING Fella Makafui!

All HAIL The KING OF (SLAY) QUEENS!  Share your thoughts on her choice of a masculine title with us below:

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