Fella Makafui Pays Paparazzi To Help Her Show Off Her New Sports Car; Ghanaians Attack (Details)

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Fella Makafui is certainly living her life in the fast lane and really has a lot going on for her. There are reports that the 23-year-old actress has gotten for herself a brand new sports car with a customized number plate, with ‘Fella 1’.

The video of Fella sitting in her new sports car was first shared by the Instagram user, Nkonkonsa. Fella is seen sitting in her yellow sports car, patiently waited for the Paparazzi to capture her number plate, and then her face, then she acts like she had no idea, she was being filmed, then sped off.–Yeah, that’s how to flaunt your new ride without actually flaunting it.lol

Some say Fella is a small girl with a big God, but there are others too who are confused as to how she’s been able to make soo much money at such a young age especially when its obvious she didn’t make that money from the film industry but one thing that is certain in all of these is that Fella didn’t come to play at all—So up your game.

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When the video of her sitting in her new car was posted, some Instagram users were surprised as they wondered how she did it.

Some of the comments on the post read;

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nanaakuanyarko1Woow where does she get all the money from?? Well she is a strong woman

@nanaakuanyarko1unfortunately that’s the question when you said asking they ll say Ghanaians don’t support their own my sister! Which kind business do they do? They should open up to us small sha!

We are of the same age @fellamakafui pls come and show me the way to riches….no jokes …..I’m danm serious

maanaki1Ayigbe gals don’t play

blanco_ghWhen ass is talking u say hard work…
itzfrancheskaEh hmm someone sponsoring her
kobla_mcHer connection bi tight roff ??? don’t let them lie to you
mildred_asanteThose saying hardworking girl. What does she do exactly in Ghana a part from what she’s been opening every minute.
Watch the video below:
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