Fella Makafui Puts On Display The Inside Of Her Expensive Benz And Shows Bundles Of Cash

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Mrs. Frimpong aka Fella Makafui has once again exhibited one characteristic of the Frimpongs, that is the way they show off their flashy lifestyle.

Fella’s husband Medikal, since he broke into mainstream has been known for displaying bundles of money and it seems Mrs Frimpong has picked up that trait from him.

The couple who are known to be one on the most interesting and controversial couples seem to have so many things in common with the recent one being showing off bundles of cash.

Fella Makafui on her Instagram story posted a video where she was displaying the inside of her expensive Benz, but within a second the next thing that popped was bundles of cash which was comfortably seating on her front seat.

Well this is not surprising as it is known to be a characteristic of her and her husband Medikal, and is definitely a way to ride in style.

video below;


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Fella displaying the inside of her benz and bundles of cash

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