Fella Makafui Shoots Down Delay’s Advice; Subtly Asks Her To Mind Her Own Business & Just Wish Her Well

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Fella Makafui has questioned why some people find it hard to celebrate the success of others and one of such people she directed the question to was Delay.

Although the young actress did not mention her name directly in the post, it was a subtle jab at the Tv presenter to mind her own business.

Fella Makafui was all over the news, when it was reported that, her wine shop had been shut down by her angry boyfriend over reasons that she changed towards him but weeks after that news went viral, the YOLO actress opened a new business, ‘Beauty By Fella Makafui’ to sell makeup products and other beauty essentials.

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It seems, Fella Makafui is living life in the fast lane and so some people feel, she’s getting lots of support from the big men she’s been banging because she couldn’t have made all of that money from acting alone.

Fella loves to celebrate her success stories on Social media and loves to post about every good moment in her life especially on Instagram and so Delay feels Fella Makafui should keep things on the low and not post about everything she does on Social media, considering what happened to her wine business.

According to Delay, it’s not necessary for Fella Makafui to be sharing her private life on Social media and advised her to keep things on the low. She said this on her ‘Instaglam’ segment on the ‘Delay Show’ when she interviewed Yaw Dabo.

But it seems Fella Makafui disagrees with Delay about ‘keeping her business and things on the low’ and has in an Instagram post, and has asked Delay to mind her business–Well, technically.

So, Fella is not ready to heed to Delay’s advice and here’s what she posted on her page with an attached photo of herself.

“So I was thinking about something this morning and I want to humbly ask my followers….. why do people love to hear NEGATIVE STORIES about you and when the POSITIVE Stories come around, they get soo mad all of a sudden telling you to keep your business private bla bla bla why cant you rejoice when you see people doing good same way you rejoice over their negative stories????? I want to know”.

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