Fella Makafui Threatens Employee Who Stole 50k From Her And Bolted

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Actress and entrepreneur Fella Precious Makafui has used social media to complain that one of her staff members is suspected of stealing 50,000 Ghanaian Cedis from her.

Makafui wrote on her social media page that she and her team had been unsuccessful in finding the employee because he or she had blocked all communication channels.

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The only communication addressing the matter, according to Fella Makafui, was a phone call from a man who identified himself as an officer and threatened her.

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“My Employee has stolen my money. My team and I can’t find her anywhere. She has blocked us on all platforms. I only received a call from one man who claimed to be an officer threatening me,” she indicated.

She believes the caller may have been working with the employee who stole the money.

Fella’s post on social media was directed at the employee, Gina, who she believes is reading her message.

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The YOLO actress who runs a makeup brand, clothing line and supermarket pleaded with Gina to return the money, stating that it was her hard-earned sweat.

“Gina, I know you seeing this, kindly send me my 50k. That’s my sweat,” she declared

The news of the theft has caused a stir on social media, with many people offering their support to Makafui and condemning the alleged theft. Some have even called for the employee to be brought to justice.

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