Fella Nuna Angry That Her Name Did Not Appear In DJ Black’s Top 50 Rappers

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Yesterday- August 8 Joy FM’s DJ Black released a list of Top 50 rappers in Ghana. The list is trending has been received with mixed reactions from Ghanaians.

Reggie Rockstone, who was pegged at number 4 on the list, said DJ Black is a veteran in the game so he’s on point with his view although he admitted it’s his opinion which informed the names that made up the list.

Well, female singer and rapper Feli Nuna has said DJ Black’s Top 50 Ghanaian emcees list is ‘bomb’ because she does not understand why she’s not on that list.

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Feli Nuna wrote; “Ugh? this your list is bomb! Why isn’t my name there?”

Here’s the full list:

DJ Black’s top 50 Ghanaian emcees
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