Fella With The Money ooo: Fella Makafui ‘Spraying’ Cash At A Friend’s Wedding (Video)

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It’s Fella with the money ooo! Actress and entrepreneur Fella Makafui decided to bring some attention to herself when she ‘sprayed’ money at a friend’s wedding. Although it’s a normal practice for people to do that at weddings, it’s getting attention just because it’s Fella Makafui.

Fella Makafui is seen showering money on Fada Charles, head of protocol at Black Avenue Music and his newly wedded wife. She must have a good relationship with him to do that for him.

For someone like Fella who has been doing a lot of stuff lately, like recently buying a new sports car and customising the number plate, it makes people wonder how she does it, as people see it that she couldn’t have made all of that money from YOLO or any of the movies she’s featured in, but she always says its plain hard work that has brought her that far.

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With someone like Efia Odo accusing her in the past of sleeping with big men who in turn sponsor her, it’s created that impression in the minds of people that, everything she has, her cars, the house she’s building for her mom and her businesses were all sponsored by big men and not really because she worked hard.

Anyways, we can’t judge her right, and we don’t think she’s bothered about other people’s opinion about her. Watch Fella do her thing in the video below:

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