‘Female Actress Once Offered Me Sekz As A Thank You Package’ – Ola Michael reveals

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The trending sekz for grades exposé conducted by the BBC which highlighted sekzual exploitation in some tertiary institutions in West Africa has opened a can of worm on the same subject.

Many people have said even before the BBC did their investigative piece, we all know the practice exists in other areas, including the movie industry, which has been confirmed by several actress and producers.

Commenting on the issue, entertainment critic and filmmaker Ola Michael said indeed there’s is sekz for roles in the movie industry too but said some of the actresses themselves give themselves ‘freely’ to the producers and directors.

Ola Michael revealed this during an interview on Hitz FM’s morning show. He disclosed how an actress on her own will offered him sekz to show him gratitude for casting her in a movie.

According to him, the actress whose name he didn’t mention, called him on phone after the casting of the movie to let him know how thankful she was.

He said; “After that, she said she really wanted to thank me and I said she’s already done that. But she insisted on thanking me in a special way because she claims producers and directors have a thank you package they really liked. I said ‘ok”

He added that he accepted the offer wholeheartedly. Ola Michael however added that he has personally not asked an actress to trade sekz for roles.

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