Female Legon student reportedly orders food worth ₵1,400 from Bolt Food and expected the guy who asked her out to pay

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An intriguing story of the ‘yawa’ that most ladies do in a relationship which on a broader spectrum reinforces the maxim, ‘ladies bring nothing to the table except their punani’, has been shared on the internet.

According to a tweep, his friend has been chatting with this lady only for her to suddenly text him one day to say she was hungry.

The guy consequently asked her to order a meal from Bolt Food and to his utmost shock, she ordered a meal that cost ₵1,400 in total.

The narrator said;

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“So my friend was talking to this girl on Legon campus. Two weeks later she called him saying she’s hungry. My guy say make she do bolt food then when rider comes, she sends the bill then he pays. Could you imagine the girl bought food summing 1400gh? My guy switched off his phone

This girl kept calling anyone closer to him to get him to pay the bills. Friends in the hostel told us she bought cake and ice creams with a bunch of food. Later she was able to reach my friend.The only question he asked her was..IF IT WAS YOUR MONEY, WOULD YOU ORDER FOOD 1400gh?”

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