Off late, feminism is the language widely spoken by Ghanaian female elites. Perhaps their love for Telenovelas have made them believe that there’s no clear cut difference between the sex. But in a discerning opinion by Anita Erskine; feminism is more about empowering women than tearing down men.


Anita Erskine has spoken out against feminists who believe they are at war with men, arguing that feminism is more about empowering women than tearing down men. To her, she would unequivocally describe herself as a feminist, however, she does not see it as a reason to hate men.


‘I don’t like how everybody gets up and calls themselves a feminist. A feminist is someone who understands the basis of her beliefs, who is eager to teach another generation of women the rights and wrongs. A feminist is not someone who hates men. It’s like the moment they hear you’re married then you’re not a feminist,’ she angrily quizzed.

It is obvious Anita’s discerning opinion comes as a result of the new breed of feminists in Ghana who’re mainly graduates from university, ‘unemployed’ and are chastising men with long essays in their bid to fight for women’s empowerment.'
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