Fennec’s Death: I’m Not Happy About The Way Bulldog Was Freed – Kwaw Kese

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Kwaw Kese has expressed his dissatisfaction about how the Ghana Police handled the case of his manager who was murdered in 2014.

Kwaw’s manager, Fennec Okyere was killed at his Manet Gardens residence in March 2014 and at the time, Bulldog was named the prime suspect in the case and was picked up by the Criminal Investigative Department (CID) in April for investigations as he was alleged to have threatened to kill Fennec.

In January 2018, an Accra Central District Court, set Bulldog free and cleared him of all murder charges.

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Although Bulldog has been declared innocent by a competent court, Kwaw Kese feels, the police did not do a good work and that’s why Bulldog is walking as a free man.

“It was in the news when they discharged Bulldog who was the prime prospect. They said nobody was coming again. Even the prosecutors were not going to court. I believe our security system is very weak.” A very disappointed Kwaw Kese told Lexis Bill in an interview on Behind the Fame on Drive Time on Joy FM Monday.

According to him, “If you are [going to] discharge somebody you have to come out” and organize a press conference to inform the public just as they did when Bulldog was arrested.

Asked if he believes Bulldog is complicit in the murder of Fennec, he said:

“I can’t say Bulldog is but he is the prime suspect so at least the way they dealt with him was not satisfactory.”

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Bulldog, according to Kwaw Kese, learned everything about management and music from Fennec so

if you end up beefing with such a person somebody who showed you the light… Bulldog wasn’t that nice with Fennec and myself before Fennec passed [away].”

“I’m not ok because the police didn’t act right because the first time the thing happened, you did a press [and] the time they released Bulldog there was no press conference. That shows that the police have not done 100% work so they should come back again that is why we are not happy,” he added.

Kwaw Kese disclosed that he experienced depression after the death of his manager, Fennec.


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