Fergie Olver Bio; Net Worth, Age, Jail & Daughter

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Together with his wife Catherine Swing, they excited children in the 1980s with their show, Just Like Mom; he is also remembered for his time with the Toronto Blue Jays as their dugout reporter–but what do you know about Fergie Olver? what is his net worth? What is his age? Does he have a daughter and has he been to jail before?

In this article, we talk to you about a wide range of things about Fergie Olver where we talk about his age, net worth, career, age, his jail sentence and who her famous daughter is. If you do not know anything about Fergie, here is your opportunity to learn about who he is and what he has been up to.

Come with us as we discuss the life of Fergie Olver. Who is he?


Fergie Olver net worth
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Canada’s Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan province is where Fergie was born. The actual birthdate and age of Fergie Olver remain unknown. However, Fergie Olver began his professional sports broadcasting career in the Moose Jaw/Regina area as an outfielder in the minor levels.

A former game show host and sportscaster from Canada, Fergie Olver is most known for his role as a commentator and dugout reporter for the Toronto Blue Jays, as well as for co-hosting the children’s game show Just Like Mom with his wife Catherine Swing in the 1980s.

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Carrie Olver, the daughter of Olver, is well-known for her work on The Weather Network and shopping channels.

What is Fergie Olver age? Since his date of birth is not known, it is quite difficult to know just how old he is, as such, we are not able to report Fergie Olver age just yet.


Fergie Olver

Fergie started out as an outfielder in the lower leagues and later played for Saskatoon/Medicine Hat in the Western Baseball Team, a semi-pro league.

In the Moose Jaw/Regina region, he started his broadcasting career. He first went to CFTO-TV in Toronto and subsequently CFCF-TV in Montreal in 1969.

He covered games on CTV, TSN, and BBS for the remainder of his broadcasting career (1981–1996) while working for the Blue Jays.

He received a Ford C. Frick Award nomination in 2004.

He played a press representative in the 1971 movie Face-Off. What is Fergie Olver net worth?

Fergie Olver Net Worth

An estimated $1.4 million is Fergie Olver’s net worth.

The majority of Fergie’s income comes from his work as a broadcaster. Who is Fergie Olver famous daughter, Carrie Olver?

Let’s talk about Carrie Olver now.

Fergie Olver Daughter, Carrie Olver

Fergie Olver Daughter, Carrie Olver

Carrie is a Canadian television personality. She is a native of the Saskatchewan city of Moose Jaw.

She was raised in Toronto, where her father, broadcaster Fergie Olver, spent twenty years working on telecasts of the Toronto Blue Jays and co-hosting the game program Just Like Mom at CFTO-TV.

On Canadian home shopping networks, Olver started her career in 1990.

After that, she started working for the American Home Shopping Network, where she made over 2000 appearances.

She began hosting Spectacular Spas in 1998, a half-hour travel show to some of the best spas in the world.

Olver was a finalist for a Gemini Award in the category of Best Host or Interviewer in a Lifestyle/General Interest Program or Series in 2003 for the program. Debbie Travis was the winner.

Fergie Olver daughter, Carrie Olver has previously worked as a host, weather presenter, and anchor for the weather news on The Weather Network during the week’s late morning and early afternoon hours.

Olver showed up during the 9 am–2 pm shift.

As the network’s resident beauty expert and host of Hello Gorgeous, Olver joined The Shopping Channel once more in 2014.

Fergie Olver Jail

There can hardly be anything said about him without referring to his supposed jail term at a point in his life; what was the Fergie Olver jail all about? How did it happen? Did he really go to jail?

On his show Just Like Mom, Fergie Olver was previously accused of sexually harassing children. In a live event, Fergie was spotted kissing little girls between the ages of 5 and 12.

Many people reported him for sexual assault as a result of the films.

Due to Fergie’s popularity and wealth, he avoided going to jail since he could afford to post bail.


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