Fia Teacher Killed By Boyfriend: Who Is Homicide Amanda Hicks Fiance?

Amanda Hicks’ fiancé was the perpetrator of the heinous murder-suicide that took her life, leaving the town in shock and amazement.

The circumstances of a brutal murder-suicide were uncovered in the Florida city of Port St. Lucie.

Amanda Hicks, a renowned middle school teacher, was discovered dead with her 10-month-old baby. The inquiry revealed that Hicks was stabbed to death by her fiancé before committing suicide.

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The terrible tragedy has left the community in shock and in quest of explanations.

This article will delve into the heart-wrenching story of Amanda Hicks’ untimely death, explore the new details that have emerged, and shed light on the impact of this tragic event.

Homicide Amanda Hicks Fiance: What Is His Name?

Amanda Hicks, a 26-year-old middle school teacher, was brutally killed by her fiancé, the identity of whom has not yet been properly revealed by police.

The horrific occurrences in Port St. Lucie have shocked and saddened the community. The event happened in their flat in the Peacock Run apartments on Northwest East Torino Parkway, where they had barely been for three weeks.

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The frightening revelation was revealed during a police welfare check sparked by a family member’s suspicions. Officers entered the residence and discovered the lifeless corpses of Hicks and her fiancé, as well as their wailing baby daughter, who was miraculously unhurt.

The name of Amanda Hicks’ fiancé, who is believed to be responsible for her tragic murder, has not been officially released by the authorities, leaving the community eager for more information and closure.

FIA Teacher Amanda Hicks Killed By Boyfriend

The heartbreaking news that FIA instructor Amanda Hicks had been slain by her lover in a sad act of violence spread swiftly.

Amanda Hicks, a Dr. David Anderson Middle School reading teacher, was recognized for her enthusiasm for her job and her upbeat personality. Colleagues and friends recall her as a lively and passionate person who made everyone around her happy.

Friends noted a shift in her conduct in the months leading up to her untimely demise. Hicks became more distant, and there were indications that something was wrong in her life.

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Raquel Magallon, a close friend of Hicks, revealed that the young teacher had abruptly deleted her social media accounts and had not mentioned anything about being pregnant or being in a relationship.

Magallon, who runs a baby clothing business, expressed surprise at the news of Hicks’ baby, as she expected her friend to share such news. The revelation of Hicks’ pregnancy and the subsequent tragedy have left her friends and acquaintances perplexed and deeply saddened.

Amanda Hicks Obituary Details Explored

Amanda Hicks, a respected middle school teacher from Port St. Lucie, Florida, died unexpectedly and tragically, leaving the community in shock and sadness.

As Amanda’s friends, family, and coworkers grieve her death, many want to know more about her life, her accomplishments, and her influence on those around her.

Investigating the specifics of Amanda Hicks’ obituary provides insight into the wonderful person she was and the impact she leaves behind.

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Aside from her dedication to study, Amanda was a lady of many abilities and interests. Her exuberant personality filled up every place she walked into, bringing excitement and enthusiasm with her.

Amanda deeply loved the arts and enjoyed exploring her creative side through various hobbies, including painting, photography, and writing.

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