Fifa 2018 World Cup: Place Your Bets On Teams & Win A Bentley, Range Rover, iPhones & Cash–See Details

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With some few days to the world cup, football lovers are in great anticipation to see the skills, their favorite players would be exhibiting. It’s also that moment that, people get anxious to see if their country would make it to the next stage and perhaps get to play in the finals and eventually win the cup.

But in all of these, one group of people who are more anxious to see the world cup commence are the Gamblers, because they would be making money off the events that would unfold at the world cup. If you are a sports betting lover, we are sure, you can’t wait to see if your predictions about the World cup cames would come true, so you can win some cash.

It’s important that, during the world cup season, you stick to a good bookmarker who will give you the highest odds, give you the ability to place an insurance on your bets, sell your bet slip before it ruins, take a loan to place your bets, give you more options to bet on and even watch every match LIVE right on your phone or Laptop when you don’t have access to your TV.

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Sounds interesting right? Well, that’s not all. Aside from the fact that, this bookmaker, 1xbet has become a personal favorite of most people because of the many features the site gives that’s hard to find on other bookmarker sites, they are making the World cup season even exciting for most people, as you can get to win a brand new car, among other exciting offers.

Yes, place a bet on the World Cup and if all your predictions land, you get to win a Brand New Bentley Bentayga. If you come in second, you get to win a brand new Audi Q7 and if you come in the third place, you get to win a Brand new Range Rover Evoque.

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Yes, this bookmarker is not joking at all. And there are even far more prizes for you if you don’t get the first, second and third spot.

100 people will get to win a brand new iPhone X for the 4th position and another 100 people will get to win iPhone 8 Plus if you make it in the 5th position. You think that’s all? Another 100 set of people will win the Samsung 8 if you get in the 6th position and it continues because they want everyone to win something if they get some of their predictions right.

1000s of people will get to win cash prizes from Ghc700, so at the end of the day, your prediction will at least make you win something even if you don’t get it all right.

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How Do You Get Into The Competition? It’s that simple people!. All you need to is create a 1xbet betting account by clicking here to register or create an account today.

  1. Click here to register for a 1xbet account
  2. Make a minimum deposit of Ghc7 or more using MTN Mobile Money or any of the payment methods on the site, that’s favorable to you
  3. Now You Can Easily Place Your Bets on any other football, basketball, tennis or any other event on the site that you want.
  4. To Place those special bets on the World Cup, after creating the account, head to Promotions on the Menu and select World Cup 2018 to place that special bet
  5. Also, if you are asked for PROMO CODE when registering on the site, use 1x_20546 or 1x_20760 as it gives you 130% bonus on any amount you deposit.
  6. For those in Ghana, when registering, make sure not to add the 0 in front of your number so instead of starting with say 054, you can start with 54
  7. Withdrawals are simple, you can easily withdraw with Mobile Money or same medium you used to make a deposit.

1xbet has been licensed by the Ghana Gaming Commission to run as a sports betting company in Ghana and has it’s headquarters based in Sahara, Dansoman. The company has started opening other branches in the country. Several Ghanaians have been placing bets online with this trusted bookmarker because of their great features and the fact that they are very popular in parts of Europe.

One of the many branches of 1xbet


If you face difficulties in registering or have any enquiry, do not hesitate to Whatsapp me (Chris) on 0546193019 for assistance. You can also join our second group on Whatsapp by clicking here. 

If you get in there and its full, don’t hesitate to Whatsapp me on 0546193019 for a new link. We also have a special VVIP group, that is a paid one and we share odds there as well but there only ADMIN posts odds, so you get to win. Whatsapp if you are interested.

So, create an account today with 1xbet by clicking here and use the PROMO CODE   1x_20546 or 1x_20760.