Fighting Your Husband’s Side Chick Is A waste Of Time -Blessing Okoro Advises Women

Okoro Blessing, a self-described relationship guru also known as Blessing CEO, has advised women to avoid taking the other side of their spouses since doing so is dumb.

Recently, the CEO of the relationship therapy company Blessing made some remarks on Arise TV that drew criticism online.

According to Blessing, the most foolish thing a woman could do is invade her husband’s personal space and attack his lover or side chic.

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She went on to claim that she typically informs women who visit her relationship lounge for counseling that they have no control over their husband’s decisions or desire for adultery.

According to her, guys typically cheat because they are egotistical and want to be in charge, but if you get to know them better, you’ll discover that they typically still genuinely love their wives.

Nothing can stop a male from leaving a woman when he grows bored with her, claims the relationship therapist.


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