Final Funeral Rites For Legon Student Who Died Of Heart Attack Announced

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The final funeral rights for the late Legon student called Nana Ama Owusu-Nyantah who died soon after lectures few weeks ago has been announced.

Information surrounding her death indicated that Nana Ama Owusu-Nyantah prior to her untimely death, informed a close friend about a burning sensation she was feeling within her heart.

Instead of seeking the help of a medical assistant, Nana Ama Owusu-Nyantah decided to attend lectures and afterwards, head straight to the hospital for treatment. But time and fate couldn’t wait for her as she fainted moments after lectures.

Nana Ama Owusu-Nyantah
R.I.P — Nana Ama Owusu-Nyantah

She was consequently rushed to the University of Ghana hospital but was transferred because of the seriousness of her condition. Unfortunately, she was pronounced dead at 37 Military Hospital upon arrival.

R.I.P — Nana Ama Owusu-Nyantah

According to what is circulating online, she’ll be buried this Saturday- October 5, 2019 at Sunyani, behind St. Mary’s Preparatory school.

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