Final year student misbehaves after taking hard drug before project defense

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A video of a young man highly intoxicated by drugs and ‘misbehaving’ as a result has surfaced on the internet. 

The young man reportedly took the illicit drug identified as colorado before going to defend his project. The unidentified student was filmed by a colleague student who quickly uploaded it online.

Other students who noticed the abnormality in him went to his rescue and sat him down to remedy the situation as sighted in the video shared.

The video shared was captioned as; ”When you take colos before defending your project”

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Meanwhile, a young girl has reportedly slumped to her death during a choreography performance in her church.

Per a snippet of information gathered from a video that has emerged to this effect, the girl for unknown reasons suddenly fell down while she and a group of other teens were entertaining the congregation of her church.

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The shocking aspect is that the performance, instead of being halted, continued until some church members ruched to her when she remained motionless for minutes.

She was said to have later died but the cause of her death has not been unraveled yet.

Watch the video below;

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