Finally: T.B Joshua Reveals His Source of Power And We Are Really Shocked

Famous Nigerian prophet and founder of Synagogue Church of All Nation has finally revealed the mystery behind his power. Many have raised serious doubt about his credibility owing to the mind blogging miracles and accurate predictions he makes.

Recently he announced to his congregation that he wants to relocate his ministry to Israel, a declaration that got lots of his ‘faithfuls’ very worried and upset.

After returning from Israel where he was said to have met three prominent Israeli mayors of Jerusalem, Tiberias and the Jordan Valley to discuss his relocation process, Reshet TV has done a documentary on him detailing his source of power.

Reshet TV aired the 11-minute feature on the prophet in Hebrew, detailing his recent visits to Israel and meetings with government dignitaries. According to the video’s introduction aired on the Israeli Channel 2, “the man responsible for 60% of the tourism in Nigeria announced that he is moving to Israel.”

‘He is often seen in the company of Rabbi Yehuda Meshi-Zahav, the Founder of Israel’s award-winning rescue agency, ZAKA, who recently presented Joshua with an award in honour of his extensive humanitarian efforts.

“How did you get your power,” an Israeli journalist questioned Joshua in an interview, intrigued by the clips of ‘deliverance from demonic possession’ he viewed on Emmanuel TV.

“From my Father, Jesus, who was born in this land. I am an inheritance of His grace,” T.B Joshua answered with a smile.

So there you have it, the man has said it on numerous occasions that Jesus Christ is his inspiration. His detractors should leave him alone!