Financial Analyst Sydney Casely-Hayford dead

Sydney Casely-Hayford who was well-known to be a nationalist and financial analyst, has died. He passed away on Friday, December 1, 2023, at the age of 69, according to sources.

He was well-known for his audacious and truthful viewpoints on social and economic issues in Ghana, in addition to being a member of the pressure organization Occupy Ghana.

He was also known to be a managing partner of TMI Consulting Ltd. and adeptly guided the business in offering thorough financial research and consulting services to a wide range of customers, including corporations, investors, and governments.

His deep understanding of the complex financial sector in Africa has made him a well-known expert in the field.

As a news analyst and columnist for several Ghanaian news portals, he wrote a great deal of content on a variety of subjects.

He never skipped over talking about national matters, even when he wasn’t feeling well. He only decided to take a break from his responsibilities when his health started to decline, despite the mounting pressure and demands that had been placed on him.

Sydney Casely-Hayford death: How did he die?

Financial Analyst Sydney Casely-Hayford dead
Financial Analyst Sydney Casely-Hayford has ben reported dead


Sydney Casely-Hayford’s family told that he died at his residence during the early hours of Friday, December 1, 2023, from kidney failure, a condition in which the kidneys lose the ability to remove waste and balance fluids, which he reportedly battled for almost a decade.


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